UnrealScript Wizard: A Neat Little Tool

Although I have no idea how, I apparently had a role in the development of a neat tool called UnrealScript Wizard. Once I was made aware of its existence I downloaded it and tried it out…and I’m glad to say it works quite well.

What this wizard does is write your code for you: all you have to do is type in the assets related to your weapon, such as Skeletal Mesh, SoundCue, etc., and the wizard spits out the classes to implement this weapon in your game.

Of course, this wizard only provides a basic template (if you want crazy weapons like 6-barrel rocket launchers you’ll still need to write a few extra functions) and can currently only work with weapons. But hey, this thing did in a few seconds what it takes me 30+ minutes to do.

Are you lazy? I know I am, which is why I think this is a pretty nifty addition to the UDK community. Please check it out and support it so perhaps we’ll have a wizard for all classes one day!


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