Kismet + Bink

If you’ve ever tried playing a Bink movie in UDK as a cutscene or level event or something like that, you’ve probably found out it’s next to impossible. And you’d think Epic would make some sort of easy Kismet function to do this very thing, given the importance of cutscenes…but no. Epic, why must every little thing in UDK be so difficult?

Long story short, use an Actions –> Misc –> Console Command, and type in “MovieTest [name of movie]“. For example, suppose you wanted to play the UE3_logo.bik file which is in the \Movies folder — well, you’d just do “MovieTest UE3_logo“. There’s no need for an extension.

It seems simple enough, but it actually took me several hours of digging to find this solution, and very few on the Interwebz know about it (although many have the same problem). A lot of the solutions they came up with involve UTSeqObj_SPMission.uc, which is totally useless; putting Bink movies on textures in-game, which is a FPS hog; or this page, which is not only ridiculous, but nonexistent.

Problems with MovieTest? Well…it’s only meant to test a movie, so there’s no fancy shmancy skippable movies, rewind, volume editing, etc. It also takes up an entire rendering thread, which means that after the movie is done the engine tries to make up for lost processing power by speeding things up. Play a MovieTest in the middle of an animated Scaleform menu and you’ll see what I mean.

But, it’s also really easy. Just one little Kismet node and no fooling with code. Great, right?


2 thoughts on “Kismet + Bink

  1. Hi there and thanks for this post:
    So, just testing this using the method, and I’m probably doing something simple wrong, I have the movie file I want to play in C:\UDK\UDK-2013-02\UDKGame\Movies, in Kismet I’ve created a trigger touched – “Touched” goes into “in” of the console command and “Target” goes into an “All Players” node, inside the console command properties – under Commands [0] I’ve put “MovieTest version1 (version1 being the name of the movie file), still doesn’t work, and also does anything go into the “Out” of the console command to control what happens when the video ends?

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