Below are links that have helped me in my adventures with UDK. More links will be added as I find them and will likely be rearranged often.










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  1. hi willy, i watch your tutorial on youtube “udk custom weapon” and i follow it but i could not do the unrealscript, i am working on school project and i need those weapons please help …

    • the biggest problem people have been having is a different UDK version, i originally made the tut for February 2010 UDK…a lot has changed since then. are you using Crucible or a custom weapon? and also what problems are you having?

      • i downloaded feb 2010 version, it works very well but it crash when trying to save the crucible weapons packages.
        i manage to load the pistol but i do’nt see impact effects ( bullets effects ).
        have good programming background but i can’t understand the engine
        ( classes heirarchy , config files , ..etc ) .
        i am totally new to unrealscript , waiting for reload classes.
        thank you for making those great tutorials

  2. Well I’m Brazilian, and I’m using GoogleTranslate, but this is not the case.
    I’m having trouble getting the UDK bots,
    Example even if I can put, where he will appear?
    How to change the bots too

    • changing bots is very hard, it means you will need to make a custom character. i haven’t done this myself, but there are tutorials for it out there.

      to tell where to make bots appear, you need to have a spawn point. usually this is enough for the engine to figure things out, but if not you can use an Actor Factory in Kismet to spawn a bot there.

  3. i just finished the assault rifle and sniper those weapons are just fantastic
    high poly models, nice textures, animation i own you one brother
    but i still have two problems :
    1. can’t save the .upk files so they loads automaticly
    2.can’t see the fire effects ( bullets effect )
    you saved my life ( please replay soon )

    • 1. i am not sure what causes this problem and your other problem (crashes when trying to save). there should be no problem as far as i know. the only solution i know is to delete the corrupted .upk and try to build/save again.

      2. fire effects and impact effects are all through the defaultproperties. for example default impact effect in your Attachment class is:


      and the fire effect is just a tracer (see UTWeapon)

      reload tutorial is coming in the next few weeks. hope this helps!

  4. well,I’m working alone ,but is not that problem. i learning very 😀 ,But UnrealScript Is Very Hard. i need help for camera thrid preson
    The forum of epicgames ,help very but i need explanation good
    example:where put script,what do that script do

  5. another issue, UDK( February 2010 ) crashes on startup after saving the cricuble weapons packages , i don’t know how to fix that.

    • do u mean the ejected bullets from the side of the gun? it’s static meshes, should be in WP_Cx_All.upk. just spawn a bunch of them with a certain velocity and the engine handles the rest (dropping, hitting floor, disappearing)

  6. i am learning unreal script, i am trying to increase the linkgun ammo and fire speed, here my cod

    class CustomLinkGun extends UTWeap_LinkGun;
    when i open udk and try to play nothing chang
    what i have to do to make work

  7. hi willy,
    sorry for been such noisy person
    i been working on my final graduation project i designed all the level
    but i need more realistec weapons ( m16, colt45, etc … ) and i realy
    liked the cricuble weapons.
    udk crashes every time i load the weapons in the game or save
    i am not asking for the code i just need to know how to load them on udk
    this my email “”

    • a lot of people have been having this problem, and i think it’s a version issue. when i used Crucible i was using February 2010 UDK and i had no problems.

      how much time do you have left to do your grad project? you can try to roll back to Feb 2010, or if there’s enough time i will try to port the Crucible to your UDK version and email the .upk to you. just let me know

  8. i already downloaded Feb 2010 version but the same problem occur every time
    i created “CustomWeapons”folder in \UTGame\content, put all .upk files on it
    and updated assets checkpoint, when i open udk after compiling the code every thing is fine all weapons works fine “life is good”, but after i exit it ask to save the weapons so i save, next time
    i open udk it crash’s at startup.
    here is the log file :
    Warning: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male.Materials.M_CH_TwinSouls_EnvMap’! Referenced by ‘WP_Cx_Assault.Materials.M_WP_Cx_Assault_Screen’ (‘Engine.Material:ReferencedTextures’).
    Log: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male’: Can’t find file for package ‘CH_RTeam_Male’ while loading NULL
    Warning: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male.Materials.M_CH_TwinSouls_EnvMap’! Referenced by ‘WP_Cx_Assault.Materials.M_WP_Cx_Assault_Screen’ (‘—‘).
    Log: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male’: Can’t find file for package ‘CH_RTeam_Male’ while loading NULL
    Warning: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male.Materials.M_CH_TwinSouls_EnvMap’! Referenced by ‘WP_Cx_Assault.Materials.M_WP_Cx_Assault_Screen’ (‘—‘).
    Log: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male’: Can’t find file for package ‘CH_RTeam_Male’ while loading NULL
    Warning: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male.Materials.M_CH_TwinSouls_EnvMap’! Referenced by ‘WP_Cx_Assault.Materials.M_WP_Cx_Assault_Screen:MaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameterCube_0’ (‘Engine.MaterialExpressionTextureSample:Texture’).
    Log: Failed to load ‘CH_RTeam_Male’: Can’t find file for package ‘CH_RTeam_Male’ while loading NULL
    Warning: Failed to compile Material WP_Cx_Assault.Materials.M_WP_Cx_Assault_Screen for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game.

    i think the texture is not mapped correctly

    • ah yes CH_RTeam_Male.upk…i forgot about that. it’s a package from UT3 that’s used in the Crucible weapons for the scope textures. if you have UT3 just copy it over, otherwise i’ll email it to you in a few days

      • thanks all material now completed but some thing wrong with Textures :
        Critical: appError called: Assertion failed: BulkDataOffsetInFile == Ar.Tell() [File:c:\depot\UnrealEngine3\Development\Src\Core\S rc\UnBulkData.cpp] [Line: 629]
        Bad offset for Texture2D WP_Cx_Sidearm.Textures.T_WP_Cx_Sidearm_Main_D
        Stack: Address = 0x0 (filename not found)

        Critical: Windows GetLastError: The specified module could not be found. (126)
        Log: === Critical error: ===
        Assertion failed: BulkDataOffsetInFile == Ar.Tell() [File:c:\depot\UnrealEngine3\Development\Src\Core\S rc\UnBulkData.cpp] [Line: 629]
        Bad offset for Texture2D WP_Cx_Sidearm.Textures.T_WP_Cx_Sidearm_Main_D
        Stack: Address = 0x0 (filename not found)

  9. any way i am trying to design my own weapons now but i don’t want to design another arms for the weapon , i want to use the character arms ( just like the cricuble mod ) .
    should i design the weapon and attach bones to it?

  10. now all materials are set correctly but still some problems with Textures i think.
    could you please send me your cricuble packages
    last request.. ^^

    • sorry i won’t be able to get near UDK until next weekend :/ is that too late?

      anyways for your texture problem…it looks like you have to manually reset the texture references (in mesh editor). they may be in different locations on your computer

  11. hi again, i think the problem in my system cauze udk crash’s again, should i save the and compile or compile then save , i will try to get more Ram , anyway thanks for your help

  12. it’s ok, i am trying to design my own weapons , the only problem i am having now is the fps arms , i dont want to design different arms, i want to use player original arms, i am using “SK_WP_1P_Arm_Bones.max” but arms dos’t show with the weapon

  13. hi willy,
    i have an issue with the crosshair , it shows up over my weapon’s muzzle
    and i was wondering if i can control it location on the screen by doing something
    similar to this ( x=… , y=…, z=…. )

    • No, I think you will have to go in and set its position manually. If you’re using scaleform, in your custom hud’s movie class set bDrawWeaponCrosshairs to false, then in your flash file place the crosshair where you want it. If you’re using the old canvas system, set bCrosshairShow to false and then use DrawHUD() to place the texture for the crosshair where you want it.

    • It may be given that Epic changes a lot of code each month, but I will have to check (didn’t download May 2012 yet). However someone recently spotted this missing:

      function ConsumeAmmo( byte FireModeNum )
      AddMagAmmo( -ShotCost[FireModeNum] );

      so add that and see if it works then.

  14. 1stly, great tutorials and informative posts.
    2ndly, Would you mind if I used menus in my fps project styled very similarly (albiet different colors) to the menu you used in your Advanced Scaleform Menu Tutorial? Unless you’re going to use it in something of your own?

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