Freelance Work

|   Because of school I am unable to take any jobs that require   |
|  extensive work or heavy use of UDK. However, I am still able   |
|  to help with simple jobs (graphic design, logos, small code)   |
|   and technical support. If you're unsure whether your job is   |
|  "small" just contact me, but be aware I may not be able to do  |
|                it. Sorry for the inconvenience.                 |

Need help with UDK? Got a task that you just don’t feel like doing? You’ve come to the right place!

What services do you offer?
I am able to do the following things:

  • Technical SupportΒ —Β Answering questions, providing code tidbits, doing research on topics, explaining/teaching concepts
  • Coding — Weapons and Menu/HUD elements are my specialty, but I can do anything UnrealScript-related if given enough time to learn the concepts
  • Graphic Design — Menu/HUD concept art, splash screens, game covers, templates, typography, brand identities
  • Scaleform — Menu/HUD files, fully ready to go
  • Video Solutions — Trailers, game expositions, game demos, showcases

If you have a job that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, contact me anyway. I still may be able to do it.

How much will it cost?
It depends on the job. Before I begin working I’ll ask you to name a price to get a ballpark estimate. After the job is finished I’ll give you a figure based on several factors:

  • Your estimate
  • How much time was needed
  • How much time was given (the tighter the deadline, the higher the price)
  • The difficulty of the material

Of course, I’m always open to negotiation.

Can I at least have some example prices?
$5-20 is good for a small job, up to $50 for a larger job. Generally no job will be more than $100 unless it’s truly ridiculous.

How do I get in touch with you?
My email is the best and the one I check most often: You can also send me a message on YouTube (visit my channel here). However, note that for most jobs there will be some transaction of concept art, source files, video bits, and the finished product, which will probably require email.

How (and when) do I pay you?
The usual method is Paypal, but we can discuss alternatives if you want another route.

You don’t pay me until after I finish the work and you see some assurance that it is completed (screenshot, demo video, etc.). To avoid being ripped off, however, I will not release the final product until I receive payment. Now I know what you’re saying: “But how do I know you’re not going to rip ME off?” The answer is, why would I? I just spent a lot of time doing a job, I likely have no use for the product myself, blah blah blah. It would be downright stupid.

Anything else I should know?
I reserve the right to refuse jobs for any reason.

I am currently in college full-time so I can only work with UDK on the weekends. Therefore, jobs that absolutely require UDK to finish (namely coding) will take longer. All other jobs should be possible even while I’m in a lecture πŸ™‚

I am committed to three UDK projects at the moment, so I may take time to do the job. If you absolutely need the thing done fast I can make exceptions, but don’t count on it.


15 thoughts on “Freelance Work

  1. hi willy,
    i am living in North Africa, i want to sell my UDK game ( after buying the license ) how do i find good game publisher and how we communicate should i mail him the game and he send the money via smart card or any remote method.
    i am single developer , there is no game companies in my country , some basic info about game selling from remote location would be great .
    Thanks for your Time ..

    • Finding a good publisher is actually really hard, most of the bigger publishers like Ubisoft, etc. won’t even look at an indie game unless it’s really good. I suggest contacting smaller publishers like Tripwire Interactive. It depends on the publisher, but usually you will have to upload the cooked installer to a filesharing service, and the publisher can then download it/put it on disc. I think Paypal or something similar is what most of them use for payment.

      Another (better) option is to just put the game on Steam. With Steam players can buy and download directly from their computer, and the money will go directly to your account. In other words, no middleman.

      Hope this helps!

      • Hello, WillyG! There is a question about making 4000 players in online game. Are there possible? please, answer me on e-mail. we making project rpg game and need in much numbers of players in map.
        best regards, Tescl

  2. Hi, me again. πŸ˜€
    I saw your Menu at YouTube and I’m interested to buy it, because it looks real awesome and also includes the Player Count and Server Browser ( ? ) πŸ˜€
    My mail is :

    Please contact me about pricing, maybe we can do something with Royalties.


  3. Hey,
    While waiting for the Design I wanted to make a little thing by myself, because I can’t ask always anyone for any little thing, but I have 2 Problems.

    1) When I make a simple Box, one for Level other for XP, how do I input the variables Level and XP into a progressbar in the box?

    2) How do I add a custom hud to the existing? xD

    • 1) you should use the CLIK progress bar if you want to make such a thing. The file is Development\Flash\CLIK\Components\CLIK_Components.fla. Just copy and paste the progress bar. Now from unrealscript, all you have to do is set the percentage of progress

      2) Not an easy task. Check out UTGame\UTGFxHudWrapper.uc and look how they set up to display the HUD and the Minimap (two separate flash files) at the same time. You would have to do the same, except with your hud so that it’s overlayed on the existing hud.

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  5. Hey willyg,
    I’m in desperate need of a shop in-game that handles buying and selling items ie. Weapons. Also need a HUD designed and coded (as in map, currently equipped, ammo count, objective updates etc).
    Also need free roam AI, that walk around in main areas and respond to things u do like you shoot a gun and they scream and run away. And police AI, like you shoot – they chase and attack.. also need weapons (3d supplied) to be scripted to work and rigged (if u can).

    I realize this is a insane amount of work, please email me with price points, I have money spare and im guessing this will be upto 100 area.

    Thanks, winton.

    • Hmm can’t find your email, there’s no link to your wordpress profile…

      That’s not one job but many. The shop by itself is quite difficult especially if you want a scaleform interface as well. I will need more details to make a price offer. HUDs usually run $10-15. The AI is also difficult, and I don’t specialize in AI so you may need to find someone else to do that. Weapons are no problem, but I can’t do the rigging (only the scripting, given a full .upk with rigged meshes, anims, etc.)

      Anyways, email me at with more info and especially what you want to tackle first. Then we’ll talk more. Thanks!

  6. Hi Willy,

    I’ve sent you email about my project. Tell me how do you think about it. I’m Geri btw, the email subject is “3D Simulation Project Offer”. :).


  7. Dear Willy G,
    I have recently become very attached to a small film called ‘The Hunger Games’ I believe you may have heard of it πŸ˜‰ I was very shocked when I realised that there is no game for this film and so my friend and I have vowed to spend as long as it takes making some kind of game for it. I would be honoured if you would help us in any kind of way such as helping to code the multi player or the UI assets or even make some of the HUD/ world for us. I believe that this is a very interesting project and if it gets enough promotion it could be rather successful and inspire some official game studio to make a proper version of the game. Please message me if you have any questions or you’re interested at all. Regards Luke Bellamy

    • Sure I have no problem helping out, just be aware that I cannot take on any large projects. But if you have any UDK questions or run into any problems I’ll be glad to help, just email me!

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