The Plan for 2014

A Happy New Year to you all!

As this is the beginning of the year, it seems like a great time to lay down some resolutions that I will (hopefully) stick to.

First up, the last few months I have been really slipping off the old YouTube/blog wagon — especially when it comes to tutorials. Granted, I ran out of ideas for things to do (by “things to do” I suppose I really mean “things I’d be willing to invest time in doing”) quite a while back, but tutorials are what my channel is known for. The last semester has been particularly rough because I’ve had a heavy course load in school, two jobs, and a few side projects I’m not even allowed to talk about, much less make a tutorial for. But 2014 should be better. No…it will be better.

Next up: games. I’m supposed to be a game developer, but what did I actually accomplish in that regard in 2013? I made one game. This game took one week to make. The other 51 weeks were not wasted effort, but they were far from productive. I had many ideas that never came to fruition — ideas that I still have tucked away in the dusty corners of my mind. Maybe in 2014 I’ll wash a few of them off and see where they take me.

And finally, it should be no surprise to anyone that UDK is no longer the center of my creative universe. And yet the subtitle of my entire online identity remains “Your Premiere UDK Resource”. As UE4 looms over the horizon and I start to focus more on things like HTML5, Python, Java…well, what should become of my identity? I’d love to start blogging and YouTube-ing about more than just UDK. So in many respects, 2014 will be an interesting transition year.

I’m excited to see where the next 12 months takes us. Here’s to a year of happy gaming!

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