A Note on Noat

Ever since I started college, I’ve been working almost on a daily basis on two different computers: my desktop at home, and my laptop at school. I also occasionally do things on my phone. Having this many devices to keep track of radically changed the way I work. For example, I do most of my homework directly out of Dropbox to keep it synced across both computers.

But one thing I’ve always struggled with are notes. What to do with that little 3-sentence blurb I caught on my laptop but now need on my desktop at home? How can I let my laptop know the URL of the important site I just found on my phone?

My old solution was the tried-and-true email system. Yeah that’s right…I’d send myself emails. Lots of them. And the more I delved into the murky waters of computer science and game development, the more emails I found myself sending. I needed something else.

Wunderlist? Evernote? No. Pastebin? Tried it. GitHub Gists then, surely. No, I needed a tiny bit of privacy. What then? Dropbox? I didn’t feel like managing a text file of notes to myself on top of everything else.

Oh wait, I’m a programmer.

So I made this thing called Noat. It’s yet another note-taking app that looks like this:

A look at Noat

A look at Noat

The image above showcases some of the features of Noat. It’s basically just a long stream of small boxes, each with a title and importance level (gray – default, blue – info, green – success, yellow – warning, red – danger) and some content. The content can contain some pretty rich formatting and even embedded images and URLs. But what sets Noat apart (at least in my opinion) is its simplicity. All you get is this stream of notes. You can edit or delete existing notes, or add a new one. That’s it.

It’s powered by App Engine and is built to be responsive, so you can use it on your mobile devices as well (and you can add a home screen shortcut on iPhones!). If you’re at all interested, the code is living over on GitHub.

I’ve been “testing” Noat for several months now and am exceedingly pleased with it. Hopefully someone else will find it useful as well.


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