Sagittarius v0.1 Released!

The best place to go right now is the Sagittarius Wiki. From there you can grab Sagittarius on the downloads page, get the UnrealScript starter kit, and read the Getting Started guide to get Sagittarius up and running. I still haven’t written the tutorials for the UDK side of things, but they should be up pretty soon.

You can also check out the snazzy new Official Site. You’ll notice that there are a lot of “Your Project Here” images all over the place…I’m looking for some projects to fill those spots! (*hint hint* yours?)

And finally, there is the GitHub repo for Sagittarius. If you have a GitHub account and happen to drop by, it would be cool if you could star or fork Sagittarius!

Currently Sagittarius should be able to do everything Gemini was capable of and more. But notice the version number is still at 0.1…that means I’m nowhere near close to implementing all the features I want to. Next up is:

  • Security: allowing optional encryption of messages or portions of messages sent across the network using your Sagittarius password.
  • File upload support: allowing application owners to upload and host binaries for microtransactions or even full games, securely.

So be on the lookout for future releases, and if you happen to run into any problems feel free to contact me!


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