Mechanism Dev Diary 2

Lots and lots of menu work the past few days:

Main menu. Heavily Metro-inspired.

For a tile-based game, the Metro UI theme seemed like a perfect fit. This also goes with the philosophy of the game that I’m slowly ironing out, which is that everything should be as procedural and customizable as possible. Thus, we have the theme menu:

Theme menu. Each theme changes the entire look and feel of the game.

From here players can choose what colors they’d like everything to be (yes, everything, even the tiles in-game). For now the default themes (most of them from the Base16 project) are hard-set, but players should be able to roll their own later on. Here’s a shot with the Mocha theme applied:

The main menu with the Mocha theme selected.

With some of the basic features set it’s time to start working on the gameplay! …which, oddly enough, I have no idea how to tackle. But the ideas will come.


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