Sublime Text 2 + UnrealScript

If you don’t know what Sublime Text is, it’s simply one of the most brilliant editors I’ve ever seen. I first stumbled upon it while doing some deep low-level coding for OpenGL; some random guy on some random forum said doing deep low-level coding was a pain in the posterior (something I can relate to), and the only thing that made the experience bearable was Sublime Text.

I won’t go into the list of features here, if you’re interested you can check it out yourself. Suffice to say that since installing Sublime Text I’ve slowly begun using it for everything from C++ to Java to HTML. One IDE, one editor, much easier.

Then I thought…why not make an UnrealScript plugin for it? Turns out someone already had that idea. To install said plugin:

  1. From Sublime Text, go to Preferences –> Browse Packages…
  2. Scroll down to and open up the User folder
  3. Download the file UnrealScript.tmLanguage from the above GitHub repository and stick it in this folder
  4. Restart Sublime Text and voila, you can now open any .uc file!

Repeat for other nifty things in the above repository, such as auto-completed code snippets and most importantly UnrealScript.sublime-build, which allows you to invoke Frontend from within the editor.

As a third-party plugin it’s not perfect, so I plan to do a little tweaking when I have the time. But for now, and for my purposes, it’s pretty darn good.

You may be wondering, “Well what about your Onyx IDE?!” I still use it, but not as much anymore…for some reason it’s so much easier to have just one program open at a time. Besides, I have no time to maintain Onyx. So maybe it’s just as well.


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