Bulletstorm Effect in Multiplayer!

A long while back I played the game Bulletstorm and absolutely loved the HUD, so I made a replica for it in UDK. You can see tutorials for both the Scaleform and old Canvas versions of this effect over on my YouTube channel.

One problem remained: the effect didn’t work in multiplayer. It wasn’t because it’s not possible, but because I’m too lazy to test multiplayer versions of the stuff I make (sad, yes, I know). Admittedly the code for the Bulletstorm effect is also horrendous to adapt to multiplayer, so much so that efforts to make a multiplayer version have failed up until now.

Then a few days ago a friend of mine sent me an email in all caps saying that the problem had been solved :-P. You can view the relevant thread of the solution here. The crux of the problem was that I was using the Pawn function Died(), which is only called server-side. Substituting the PlayerController function NotifyKilled() instead, and then calling a custom client function from there, will solve the problem. Several other functions throughout the system need to be made simulated, but these are trivial and easy to find.

Finally, in case you’re wondering (because I did) whether the client function should be unreliable (not guaranteed to notify of the kill) or reliable (guaranteed to notify)…it’s really up to you. If you absolutely want the Bulletstorm effect to show up on clients then make it reliable, but be warned that this can screw up networking.

A big thanks to all involved (especially ryanjon2040) who managed to make this work!


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