UT Bots Pass Turing Test

In other words, they now play Unreal Tournament more humanly than any human ever could, fooling even an expert panel of human judges! This is a big step forward for game AI research, a topic I’m very interested in at the moment.

Note #1: Okay, not really. The Turing Test is actually a test to see whether a chatbot like Cleverbot can fool humans in natural language conversation. Since this was merely a test of playing ability (or inability, as is more often the case where humans are concerned), it doesn’t really count. Still a big achievement though.

Note #2: You probably won’t see these systems in your favorite game anytime soon. They’re not only highly geared towards UT2004, but they’re research developed for doctorates and stuff. Maybe if you give one of the researchers a cookie he’ll donate the source code…


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