App Store Submission (Dev Diary 5)

A picture really says it all:

I can tell you with all honesty that once you see that little orange light next to your app, you’ll feel both relieved and nervous. Your app’s in the hands of the guys over at Apple now, and they decide your fate.

Submitting to the app store is also quite a tedious process, in fact more so than making my game’s UI. It’s really difficult to set up the achievements and leaderboards through the current iTunes Connect interface, and getting all the certificates, provisions, and bundle identifiers straight was pretty crazy. But the worst part was working with Apple’s developer programs, all of which are downright terrible.

For one thing, the Sandbox Game Center is notoriously slow at updating scores and achievements, and sometimes it doesn’t update at all. I wasn’t able to properly test my leaderboard system because of this, so I’ll have to trust my programming skills that it’ll work once it goes live. Then there was the Application Loader, which UDK developers must use to upload their distro .ipa’s. Turns out the app loader is bug-ridden, something app developers have been complaining about for untold ages. Now there’s an alternate system in XCode for submitting apps, but it’s off-limits to UDK since we’re using a third-party package.

The Application Loader threw a bug my way, something about not having the required architecture of armv6. If this happens to you, just add this:


into your \UDKGame\Build\iPhone\Distro_UDKGameOverrides.plist file.

The big point is, of course, that no step of the development process is easy. But I’m glad I finally got to this point with Never End. And like I said, now all I have to do is wait.


4 thoughts on “App Store Submission (Dev Diary 5)

  1. I’m on my second rejection for a game already approved – the rejected version includes Game Center integration. I set up the Achievements and Leaderboards, and the reviewer keeps telling me I have no Game Center features. Did you have to do anything in particular to move your app out of the sandbox and into production? Thanks for any response. I’m frustrated as you apparently were, and all I get from Apple are vague responses.

    • No…if it works in sandbox it should work in production, since the iTunes Connect stuff carries over between the dev and distro provisions (assuming you had two different ones). Just make sure you have the little Game Center icon next to your app in iTunes Connect and have all the prefixes correct in IPhoneEngine.ini

      You can appeal the rejection I think, sometimes Apple does get it wrong.

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