A Great UDK Sound Resource

I was recently made aware of the blog UDK Sound Explorations, which lives up to its title by providing a great set of informative tips and tricks to dealing with sound in UDK (if you’re a regular of my blog, you’ll know how much I hate the UDK sound system). Some posts in particular that have been really helpful:

  • Continuous Modulation: For truly dynamic audio, especially the Doppler Effect that I’ve tried to replicate in Unreal many times to no avail
  • Door Open/Close: A very basic scenario that happens in almost every game
  • Micropolyphony (same link as “Continuous Modulation”): Basically, taking a bunch of really small dissonant waveforms and playing them to imitate a natural track

This by no means solves every gripe I have with audio, but it’s a nice leap forward. I should also mention that it was Pete Bottomley of White Paper Games who brought this blog to my attention. Go check them out!


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