Game Analytics (Dev Diary 2)

Oh look, a colorful diagram thingy!

So what’s this for anyway? As the title says, this is for game analytics: gathering data about how players play your game, analyzing that data, and sending it back to them in a more useful format. In my case I’ll be pulling stuff such as:

  • Total play count (number of times the app is started)
  • Total deaths, restarts, replays, etc.
  • Per-level deaths, restarts, replays, etc.
  • Total and per-level play time (to gauge level difficulty)
  • Game and achievement progress (to gauge player retention)

This will be send via TCP to my App Engine backend, where a lot of Java magic will turn it into MOTD’s, tables, and most importantly stuff I can use to improve the quality of the game. That includes level redesigns, bugfixes, and so on. Not to mention, players will be able to go to the Never End site anytime they want and get a little taste of the data being collected.

And if anyone’s wondering…yes, this is a heavily modified version of Gemini. And no, it’s not hard at all to set up. If I wasn’t so distracted by other things on the Internet I could probably get the entire system running in two days. Oh well, back to work!


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