Onyx Becomes OS-Compatible

One of the main principles of Onyx was to be cross-platform: I could take the same JAR, put it on any computer I wanted, and run it. However, I quickly realized that this eliminated the ability to open .uc files simply by clicking on them, since neither Windows nor Mac provides the ability to associate a filetype with a JAR.

So, for the last few weeks I have been busy making the EXE and APP versions of Onyx…and they are here at last! Not surprisingly, making the APP was 1000 times harder than it should have been and involved paying $99 to Apple, making me hate the company even more than I already do. But hey, what can you do, right? Now Onyx has all the nifty little features that comes with being a native OS application, such as dragging files to the Dock, mass-highlighting to open multiple files at once, and junk like that.

With that out of the way I can finally begin using my own editor to code things, so expect some updates on the Unreal side very soon!


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