Kismet HUDs and Menus

If you’re like me, then you probably hate making UI scenes in UDK (ironic, since that’s also one of my specialties). That’s why I was delighted to stumble across this tutorial from Hourences. In the first paragraph he sums up my thoughts pretty nicely:

“I never got the hang out of Scaleform…for small productions and hobbyists it is total overkill. Doing something as simple as rendering a line of text on the screen should not require you to get and learn an entire new program and scripting language! The original UIScenes systems was pretty much just as bad.”

I’ve never really considered Kismet as a viable alternative to Scaleform or the old UI system, but his scripts are really versatile and should handle most of the basics. Moreover, with a little tweaking they can actually supplement Scaleform; that is, you can use them to render simple messages or images over a GFx Movie. I also like the fact that this adds level-specific support without wasting a bunch of memory on Flash assets. Now instead of having to make a whole new .swf for one little event, I can just throw in a few SeqActs and be done with it.

I urge you, go check it out now!


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