UnrealScript Syntax Highlighting

I’ve been dormant on the blog side of things for a while, but I’m proud to announce that after an entire week of work I’ve finally added syntax highlighting to my Onyx IDE (see the tab on the menu bar above). Here’s what the syntax highlighting covers:

  • Reserved Words
  • Data Types (int, bool, char, Vector, etc.)
  • Reserved Functions (Vect, Sqrt, VSize, `log, etc.)
  • Numbers (reals, true, false)
  • General Comments (indicated by // or /* */)
  • Document Comments (indicated by /** */)
  • Strings (indicated by ” “)
  • Identifiers (indicated by ‘ ‘, includes states, names, classes)

And here’s what it doesn’t cover:

  • Class names (Object, UTWeapon, etc.) — as these are always in flux and are likely not necessary to highlight
  • Dynamic function/variable highlighting
  • And, of course, everything else

In all there are over 300 keywords and macros in the UScript lexer (which is the technical term for a syntax highlighter). But I may have missed some! 😛 I urge you to try out Onyx IDE today, and let me know if I missed anything!


2 thoughts on “UnrealScript Syntax Highlighting

  1. I haven’t heard of Onyx before so I might check it out. I am currently trying to use VS2010 shell with nFringe for creating a Red Orchestra 2 game mode which is based on the UDK, but I can’t get intellisense to work. Though it works fine for UDK!

    • If you do check out Onyx, please let me know what you think! And that’s because the nFringe plugin only scans the basic UDK files (Core, Engine, UDKGame, etc.) to build the intellisense. I think there’s a way to add your own scripts to the intellisense library but I forget how.

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