UnrealScript Mac Editor

The words “UnrealScript” and “Mac” are rarely heard together (and for good reason… barely anything useful can run on a Mac). Unfortunately I cannot always be near a PC with UDK on it, and when I’m on the go or in college the only thing I have is my Macbook Pro. For several months I have been using TextEdit to write my code. But no more.

In the space of several days I whipped up the Onyx Editor, which you can download here. At the moment it’s very basic, but here are some of its useful features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Tab/space conversion and cleanup
  • Toggle seeing whitespace (tabs/spaces)
  • Support for multiple open files in tabs, each with individual options
  • Bracket auto-complete
  • Variable auto-complete (beta)
  • Drag-and-drop to open, open multiple files, open from the command line

I should mention that currently all syntax highlighting is done Java-style, meaning things like “config” and UDK-specific class names will not be highlighted. I am currently working on a solution for this.

At the moment the release is undocumented but I should have a readme included with the download in a few days. Note that although Onyx is a JAR, meaning that it has cross-platform support for any machine running JVM, it has only been tested for Macs.

If the Onyx Editor isn’t your cup of tea, here are some recommended alternatives:

  • Unreal X-Editor by ryanjon2040: New, still in development, great UDK plug-in features and cool skins. Shows great potential.
  • WOTGreal: What I used to use before switching to Unreal X-Editor. Especially annoying if you don’t register, but well worth it for the amount of features it offers.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy coding!


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