Gemini: Now With Rijndael

For those of you who don’t know what Rijndael is, you may have heard of its alternate name: AES (the Advanced Encryption Standard). Rijndael is a symmetric block cipher approved for use by the US Government to encrypt Secret and Top Secret files; in other words, it’s freaking secure.

So why stick this unnecessarily over-the-top cipher into Gemini? Well,

  1. I was doing Rijndael anyway for my computer science class
  2. I recently discovered a loophole involving TCP that enables someone to grab the pass to a Gemini account (which is obviously a bad thing)

It turns out that Rijndael fits perfectly into the architecture that I already have set up for Gemini, and its speed guarantees that the hit on performance with UDK is minimized — although you should only experience such a hit at the start of a game, when the account is first accessed.

“So what about the server browser?!” you scream. Don’t worry, it’s still in development…I just find it much harder and more annoying than doing something like implementing Rijndael. For now, though, enjoy the added security!


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