UDK Multiplayer Problems…

Alright, so here’s the situation with the Server Browser:

I have two computers that are far enough apart that they CANNOT connect to each other via LAN. One of them is pretty much running UDK 24/7; this one I can operate remotely from the second computer. Both computers have the same UDK build, and both are using the exact same version of the source code I am currently using to test Gemini.

On the first computer, I started a server game as one would normally do (going to multiplayer, start game). I checked to see that the system had sent info to Gemini — it had. On the second computer, I started a game using my test script, which basically grabs the first server from Gemini and runs an “open [IP]:[Port]” command. The log verifies that the IP and Port grabbed from Gemini were successfully transferred to the console command. And what happens next?


A match is started, but it’s not the same match as on the first computer and moreover there doesn’t seem to be any network usage on either computer from UDK. It’s like there’s some kind of wall between the computers. And I am completely stumped.

I would like to be able to release the server browser, but it would be kind of nice to have it actually DO something (that is, pressing on a server entry would actually enable you to connect to that server). At the moment it’s just a useless table of data: not really productive as far as gaming is concerned.

So, if anyone knows what the %$#@ is going on with UDK multiplayer, please let me know. In the meantime I will continue to work at a solution to the problem.


9 thoughts on “UDK Multiplayer Problems…

  1. Hey WillyG,

    I’m currently running to an issue, I wonder if it’s the same. I’m simply trying to connect two computers over a LAN using the November build of UDK. I even set up a separate LAN. All ports on the firewall are open, windows firewall disabled… I host a vanilla DM-Deck match on one, on the other machine I browse LAN games and am able to see the server available, but the “join game” button does nothing. Using the “open” command with an IP on the console does nothing either.

    • not quite the same, it’s weird that in your case LAN isn’t working either…have you tried with 7778 as the port? another reason could be the router, not the firewall. if your router isn’t configured to pass the right ports it won’t work even if the server shows up. anyways i’ll look into it with the November build, let me know if either of those solutions works

      • Yeah I was able to run two instances of the game on a single machine and connect to, but still no success with two separate machines. Which ports absolutely have to be open? I’ve seen 7777, 7778, 7787, 13000 and 27900.

    • well…none of them HAVE to be open…you only need to find one that works for your system setup. 7777 is supposed to be the default but i find 7778 works for me more often. i’ve also seen some in the 50000’s.

      unfortunately UDK LAN/internet is so screwed up there’s no guarantee for any of the ports. one last solution, is try to disable steamworks and see if that frees up your connection

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  3. Willy G,
    I have a game programming class in college and we are using the UDK software. My class is having troubles hosting LAN and joining a game via the internet. Please help.
    Thank you

    • Check out my newer post “UDK Multiplayer Now Possible!”. That shows how to get an internet game running smoothly. As for LAN, make sure the central hub is accepting all the ports and use the same two ConsoleCommands in the above post (“open IP” and “open MAP?listen”). The key step is to configure the router/hub to forward the correct ports.

  4. Hey Willy, I am just wondering if you could go into more depth about unreal script for Menusand HUD’s, that’s were my problems are because i have no idea where to call my swf files in the sample menu scripts that are supplied with the Unreal Development Kit Unreal Tournament sample pack.

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