Server Browser Filtering

Before I begin, I’d just like to say that JDOQL is one of the worst and most useless languages on the face of the planet.

With that out of the way, I’m glad to announce that Gemini’s Server Browser now supports filtering of servers! At the moment, you can only filter based on the following four parameters:

GAMETYPE - &type=[integer of the encoded gametype]
RANK - &rank=[0 for not ranked, 1 for ranked, other integers ???]
IN GAME - &bing=[false for not in game, true for in game]
MAX NUMBER OF PLAYERS - &maxp=[integer equal to this value]

However, I do hope to implement more  options in the near future (and now that I’ve figured out how, it’ll be pretty easy…). As for how to actually specify these parameters, it is currently all done through the URL line, although once I move the functionality into UDK it will be carried out by functions instead.

And as a final note, I was recently made aware that the “visual” version of the server browser (where the URL parameter &view=true) displays only gametypes with integer values of 0-3…in other words, the four default UDK gametypes. This is purely a design bug, and because UDK will never use the “visual” version there’s really no issue with it. For example, if your game has 10 different gametypes which you encode as 0-9 when sending to Gemini, the values 0-9 are still filterable and receivable by UDK even though values 4-9 do not show up in the visual grid.

For those of you wishing to use the Server Browser in UDK but have no idea how, don’t fret. Documentation will be updated soon and I should have the code for a simple implementation up in a few weeks. And then, of course, a YouTube video will follow.


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