Server Browser – Part 2

Following up on the server browser I described in my last post…

I have now included automatic IP detection, which eliminates having to enter your own IP. Each IP must be unique for obvious reasons (you won’t be running two servers through the same IP, right?) and so changing the IP of your server will update, not add, to the list. There is also better overall security and update detection.

Also, I have added a visual version of the list for those of you who want to view your server list online. It looks kind of like this:

Not too artistic, but it works. To get to it just go /browser.jsp?pass=[Your Password]&code=[Your Code]&view=true (if you want the UDK-friendly version set view=false). I am still working on getting this into UDK’s multiplayer menu, but it doesn’t seem like that much of a jump after getting this far — in fact, you could probably do it yourself using my UDK Starter Kit as reference.


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