Game Server Browser

That’s right, Gemini now includes an online server browser!

Registering the server is done through the /server.jsp page, where you must specify a whole bunch of URL parameters that include: your account code, your account password, the server name, server password, server port, current number of players, max number of players, current gametype, ranked status, and in-game status. Browsing a list of servers for your game is done through /browser.jsp?pass=[your pass here]&code=[your code here].

For those of you already with a Gemini account, nothing is required to begin using this service. However, because the system is extremely match-dependent, I will not be releasing a “tester” that allows you to mess with the server list. Instead, I will provide some UnrealScript code that enables the server browser in UDK (coming in a few weeks).

For those of you who wish to not use the server browser (for example, because you already have another such system in place), don’t worry. The browser and the main Gemini service are completely separate, and one does not affect the other.

As always, the system is still in development so certain features may not always be working. The biggest problem at the moment is that the server list is drawn from a pool of all servers across all accounts — I hope to add some “walls” between individual accounts soon, which should increase security. But for now, happy gaming!


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