Calling Kismet From Scaleform

I posted this function in my latest video “UDK Tutorial: Scaleform Menu“, but it’s quite useful so I just thought I’d put it here as well. If you’ve ever tried to call a Kismet Remote Event from Scaleform, you’ll realize that it doesn’t work (at least for May 2011 and prior…I’m not sure about the later builds). The answer is to add this function to your custom GFxMoviePlayer class:

function TriggerRemoteKismetEvent( name EventName )
 local array<SequenceObject> AllSeqEvents;
 local Sequence GameSeq;
 local int i;
 GameSeq = GetPC().WorldInfo.GetGameSequence();
 if(GameSeq != None)
  GameSeq.FindSeqObjectsByClass(class'SeqEvent_RemoteEvent', true, AllSeqEvents);
  for(i = 0; i < AllSeqEvents.Length; i++)
   if(SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents[i]).EventName == EventName)
    SeqEvent_RemoteEvent(AllSeqEvents[i]).CheckActivate(GetPC().WorldInfo, None);

Then, calling a Remote Event such as “Open_Menu” is as easy as doing TriggerRemoteKismetEvent(“Open_Menu”)!


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