That Annoying Flash Error

About a week ago I was messing around with the CLIK system in Flash when, out of nowhere, this error was thrown: “The class or interface [insert ridiculously long filepath here] could not be loaded.

Now this was a problem for several reasons, the biggest of which was ambiguity. Sure, I knew something was wrong, but the error didn’t help me understand what. And furthermore, neither the UDK help site or online CLIK tutorials could resolve the issue.

Turns out, the solution is deceptively simple. Go to File –> Publish Settings, then hit the Flash tab, then hit the “Settings…” button on the Script line. Hit the + sign twice and add “C:\UDK\UDK-2011-03\UDKGame\Flash\ActionScript\” on one line and “C:\UDK\UDK-2011-03\Development\Flash\CLIK\” on the other (of course changing the path to match the folders’ locations on your computer).

So the next time Flash throws a weird error, just make sure you have the script include paths set up properly. It might just save you a bunch of time!


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