Mission and Vision

As this is my first post, I think it’s only wise to explain why I even started a blog.

When I first began using UDK, I was well aware that (eventually) I’d want to connect with the larger game development community. This I did at first using YouTube, which was great because I could not only explain what I was doing, but show it.

However, videos are hard to make and the video-watching community even harder to please. My usual turnaround time for a video is about one month; that is, I learn how to do something cool in UDK in a week, spend two weeks making it, and another week making a video about it. More often than not, as is the case with annoying things like Scaleform, I fall behind.

This blog is intended to fix that. Instead of producing quality, finished products in video form or giving out all the code necessary to do something, here I can post tidbits of code and neat discoveries that I make as I work in UDK.

But even more importantly, this blog is about YOU. You see, I’ve always been a big fan of community support. If I have a problem coding something, I want to be able to go on a forum or search Google and find an answer. And it’s only natural that as I become better at UDK, I help out those who are just getting started.

So at last we come to the “mission” of this blog: If you have any questions or a problem to solve, comment on one of my posts…and the next blog post that I make will attempt to solve your problem. Not only that, but anyone is welcome to comment (constructively) to help each other out.

I’m sure we all have a dream to one day be at the head of a AAA developer like Epic Games or Bungie or Infinity Ward. And if we all help each other out, that dream will be one step closer to becoming reality.


2 thoughts on “Mission and Vision

  1. I just found this blog of yours today and only saw your youtube channel yesterday and I am absolutely loving them. So far best bits of info I can find that is spoken/written in English understandable to non-coders like myself. Even though I dont code and practically only work as an artist, having a bit of a know how in coding is real helpful.
    So cheers, mate

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